Colaboración: Miguel


Y decidieron encargarse de su propio devenir,
y poseer sólo las cosas que podían comprender,
y caminaron sin pisarse y sin roles que fingir,
y gobernaron sus instintos para poderse entender.

Y se encontraban siempre lejos porque allí querían ir,
y enseñaron a los suyos a no temer elegir,
y desecharon la violencia cuando ya no había poder,
y aprendieron que entregarse apasionados es vencer.

Rompieron todos los muros de piedra y los de piel.
Hicieron grande su mundo y vivieron de pie.

And they decided to take care of their own future / and possess only the things they could understand / and they walked without stepping on the others, without any idols to follow / and they took control of their instincts to be able to get along / They broke all the stone and skin walls / They made their world larger and they lived their life standing up / And they were always far away because it was there where they wanted to get / and they taught their own people not to fear decisions / and they rejected violence when there was no power anymore / and they learnt that devoting themselves passionately means winning.


from Amistad y Rebelión, released January 15, 2014




Accidente Madrid, Spain


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